Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase your products?

If you’re a DME dealer you can download a credit application here and either fax 608-835-9180 or email the credit application back to us. Once approved which normally can be done in less than a day, we will set you up with terms and after shipping your order we will send you an invoice that you will have 30 days to make payment.

Can I pay by credit card?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express credit card payments. If you would like to pay via credit card call us at 608-835-3232 and we will process your payment. We do not keep your credit card information on file, so you will need to call us back each time you would like to make a credit card payment. Even if you plan on paying by credit card we will still require you to fill out a credit application before making a purchase.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most of our products are in stock and off the shelf and depending on the time the order is placed will either ship the same day or the next day. Some products are custom made and those orders could take up to three weeks to ship. Orders are shipped via standard ground shipping from Wisconsin and could take anywhere from one to four business days to arrive depending on your location. If you need to receive sooner than standard ground you may contact us and pay for expedited shipping.

Why would we call about the dimensions entered for a custom contoured seat?

When the dimensions you give us for your custom contoured Plywood & Foam seat fall considerably outside what we routinely see as the dimensional relationships, we call you as a service to make sure that you didn't typo something or enter dimensions in the wrong fields. Well over half the time our inquiry about entered contoured seat dimensions results in some kind of change to the dimensions entered. Here is a drawing of the dimensional relationships that we routinely see and what triggers us to question entered dimensions. Ulitimately you should always choose dimensions that work for your client regardless of the routine relationships we see.

How do I know what size pad to order?

The dimensions of all our pads can be found on our website to assist you. Dimensions can be found on website product pages. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the next frequently asked question about pad dimensions.

Why are pad product drawing dimensions different than my physical pad?

The drawings online for all pads include the dimensions of what the pads initially start out to be. We make our upholstery covers so they fit our pads snugly and after a pad has had an upholstery cover on it for a while the covers have a tendency to squeeze the foam slightly, roughly an 1/8" per surface. Additionally, due to manufacturing tolerances, foam thicknesses vary slightly and this adds to the small discrepencies you sometimes see when comparing physical pads to product drawings. Take these things into account when measuring your existing pads and making your comparisons. If you still can't figure out what size your pad is, just give us a call and someone here will help you.

Are the seat cushions waterproof?

The upholsteries we use are completely waterproof; however, our cushions are only as water resistant as sewn seams will allow. All the upholsteries we use, with the exception of vinyl, have a layer of neoprene between two layers of fabric so when these upholsteries are sewn with other upholsteries, including vinyl, the seams easily compress the upholsteries together filling the gaps between the stitches making the seam as close to "waterproof" as you can get with a sewn seam.

Why did you send me an 18" replacement extension pad for my 16" Full-Width Back?

When the backs were first designed only Drop-In Backs were available, so all the replacement components have descriptions associated with drop-in back sizes. Here's what you don't know; a 16" Full-Width back and an 18" Drop-In back are the same backs, with the exception of mounting hardware, so both backs use the same size components.

I only want a #9901-U swing away bracket. Why do you make me order a #1540-01?

Part numbers that start with #99xx-U are upgrade numbers. They can only be ordered when purchasing kits that you want to upgrade. It this case, instead of receiving a standard mounting plate with a headrest kit the upgrade would come with the swing away version (#1540-01). The price of the #9901-U is the cost difference for substituting the standard mounting plate that normally comes in the kit with a swing away version. Thus, a #99xx-U upgrade number cannot be purchased by itself. It can only be purchased with a kit. If a full kit is not needed then the corresponding finished part number needs to be ordered instead of the upgrade number.

How do I know what size subasis bar to order?

Order the subasis bar size that matches your wheelchair width. The actual length of the bar will be 1¼" longer than the wheelchair width.

Why is the price on my invoice different than my quote?

You may be looking at a Dealer Quote which shows your cost after Terms Discount. The invoice lists the Primary Discount Price. If you look at the bottom center of the invoice you will see the price if paid within terms and that total should match your Dealer Quote.

What is your warranty and return policy?

We have a lifetime warranty on our hardware. On our cushions we warranty that we will repair or replace the cushion if manufacturing defects are identified or the surface does not stay intact due to normal wear within 18 months from the date of purchase. Warranties do not include misuse of products or products that have been modified. Returns will only be accepted if accompanied by a Return of Goods Authorization number (RGA#). All returns must be in resalable condition and may be subject to a restocking fee.

I can't find an answer to my question?

If you're not able to find what you're looking for please contact customer service at 888-399-3232 or send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.