Slideaway WPA
Slideaway WPA Pad

Slideaway Wedge Pad Abductor (WPA)

The wedge pad is shaped to fit between the thighs. The wedge pad is mounted to an interface bracket (Slideaway) that extends to the bottom of the seat cushion where it is connected to the seat with a slide bracket. The kit includes all the necessary fasteners for mounting to your seat.

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Standard Kit Contains
  • Wedge Pad
  • Interface Bracket
  • Mounting Bracket(s)
  • Mounting Fasteners
Neoprene Backed Spandex & Vinyl Fabrics
Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Maroon, Pink
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Product Pricing

Part # 5270
Description Small Slideaway Wedge Pad Kit
Retail $212.00
Part # 5271
Description Large Slideaway Wedge Pad Kit
Retail $212.00

Additional Options

Part # X23500-01-00-U
Description Custom Abduction Wedge Pad, FAB, Upcharge
Retail $91.00

* This upgrade option swaps the corresponding Standard Kit part for the upgrade part.

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WPA Drawing

Custom Wedge Pad Abductor

WPA Drawing
A 3 8
B 2 8
C 4 12
D 2 8

X23500-01-00 Custom Abduction Wedge Cushion

X23500-01-00-U Custom Abduction Wedge Cushion, FAB, Upgrade (Upgrade For Kits)

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