Removable Hip Pad Mounting Bracket, Bolt-On

Designed to allow the user to remove the hip pad from the seat. The brackets are height adjustable and mount to the tracks on the side of seat mounting tubes. The brackets have a spring loaded retaining button on the back side to keep the verticle bracket in place and still be removable. Bracket components are fabricated from stainless steel. Maximum achievble offset is 2 1/2".

Product Pricing

Part # 1280-90
Description Removable Hip Pad Mounting Bracket, Bolt-On
Retail $206.00
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Additional Options

Part # 9912-TBSP*
Description Tall Bracket Substitution, Pair
Retail $0.00
Part # 9912-TBSS*
Description Tall Bracket Substitution, Single
Retail $0.00

* This upgrade option swaps the corresponding Standard Bracket(s) for the Tall Bracket(s).

Bracket Drawing