Bracket Bender - Model 1800

The Model 1800 bending tool is designed to bend all sizes of bracket blanks listed in this catalog. Any other use of this bender will void any responsibility the manufacturer may assume. The streamline design allows you to fabricate shallow, offset bends, narrow ā€œUā€ shapes and closed loop fabrications. The frame is fabricated from 3/8" and 1/2" thick plate, welded together for maximum strength and minimum deflection. The bending contact surfaces are made from high quality tool steel and hardened for maximum life and bending performance. The bender can be mounted on a table top or wall mounted surface. There are 4 holes in the base for this purpose. All surfaces must be securely fastened.

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Part # 1800
Description Bracket Bender
Retail $1685.00
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Bracket Drawing