contoured headrest
contoured headrest pad

Contoured Headrest (CHR)

Metalcraft offers two sizes of contoured headrest (CHR) kits. All contoured headerst sizes have medial/lateral contouring to provide better contact and encourage the individual to center his/her head. The headrest is upholstered in your choice of fabrics and color, see chart below. When ordered with a seating system, the hardware will be mounted. For headrest dimensions see drawings tab below.

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Standard Kit Contains
  • Headrest
  • 90° Tube Plate Weldment 6"
  • 8 3/4" 90° Vertical Tube
  • Single Tube Mounting Plate
  • 2-Point Knobs
  • Mounting Fasteners

Did you know that you could mount multiple head positioning devices on one mounting system using our hardware? See the additional information tab below to see how Add-On kits work.

Neoprene Backed Spandex & Vinyl Fabrics
Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Maroon, Pink
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Product Pricing

Part # 5340
Description Small Contoured Headrest Kit
Retail $365.00
Part # 5341
Description Large Contoured Headrest Kit
Retail $365.00

Additional Options

Part # 9900-CHR*
Description Offset Swingaway Headrest Bracket, Upgrade
Retail $190.00
Part # 9901-CHR*
Description Swingaway Headrest Bracket, Upgrade
Retail $190.00
Part # 9930-CHR*
Description Ball & Socket 6" Mounting, Upgrade
Retail $125.00
Part # 9930-1-CHR*
Description Ball & Socket 10" Mounting, Upgrade
Retail $125.00
Part # 9932-CHR*
Description Ball & Socket 6" Vertical Tube, Upgrade
Retail $160.00
Part # 9932-1-CHR*
Description Ball & Socket 10" Vertical Tube, Upgrade
Retail $160.00
Part # 9920-1-CHR
Description Track Upgrade, Single
Retail $44.00

* This upgrade option swaps the corresponding Standard Kit part for the upgrade part.

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CHR Drawing

Drawing for the minimum hole mounting requirements for a Plywood Back can be found in THIS document.

CHR Additional Info

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