Posterior Lateral Support Headrest
Posterior Lateral Support Headrest

Posterior Lateral Support Headrest (P.L.S.H.)

The P.L.S.H. is designed to provide lateral support. The lateral support can be varied by bending the headrest to provide the fit and support desired. The headrest has #10-32 threaded inserts which permit you to attach a forehead strap. The P.L.S.H. includes all the hardware necessary for mounting. When ordered with a seating system, the hardware will be mounted.

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Standard Kit Contains
  • P.L.S.H.
  • Swivel Tube w/Hinge Bracket 6"
  • 8 3/4" 90° Vertical Tube
  • Single Tube Mounting Plate
  • 2-Point Knobs
  • Mounting Fasteners

Did you know that you could mount multiple head positioning devices on one mounting system using our hardware? See the additional information tab below to see how Add-On kits work.

Neoprene Backed Spandex
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Product Pricing

Part # 5480-20
Description 14" PLSH Kit
Retail $521.00
Part # 5480-30
Description 16" PLSH Kit
Retail $521.00
Part # 5480-40
Description 18" PLSH Kit
Retail $521.00

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Additional Options

Part # 9900-PLSH*
Description Offset Swingaway Bracket, Upgrade,
Retail $190.00
Part # 9901-PLSH*
Description Swingaway Bracket, Upgrade, PLSH
Retail $190.00
Part # 9930-PLSH*
Description Ball & Socket 6" Mounting, Upgrade
Retail $125.00
Part # 9930-1-PLSH*
Description Ball & Socket 10" Mounting, Upgrade
Retail $125.00
Part # 9932-PLSH*
Description Ball & Socket 6" Vertical Tube, Upgrade
Retail $160.00
Part # 9932-1-PLSH*
Description Ball & Socket 10" Vertical Tube, Upgrade
Retail $160.00
Part # 9920-1-PLSH
Description Track Upgrade, Single
Retail $44.00

* This upgrade option swaps the corresponding Standard Kit part for the upgrade part.

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