Rigid Anterior Trunk Support
Rigid Anterior Trunk Support
Rigid Anterior Trunk Support

Add-On Rigid Anterior Trunk Support (R.A.T.S.)/Occipital Ring

The Rigid Anterior Trunk Support (R.A.T.S.)/Occipital ring can be positioned to provide improved head and neck positioning and/or to act as a rigid anterior trunk support. Metalcraft offers four sizes of R.A.T.S. The proper size depends not only on the size of your client but on the intended usage. The occipital ring has tubular foam padding and is covered with a removable neoprene backed Black Spandex slipcover. The occipital ring kits include all the hardware necessary for mounting.

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Standard Kit Contains
  • R.A.T.S.
  • Swivel Tube w/Hinge Bracket 6"
  • 90° Cross Tube
  • 2-Point Knobs

Did you know that you could mount multiple head positioning devices on one mounting system using our hardware? See the additional information tab below to see how Add-On kits work.

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Neoprene Backed Spandex
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Product Pricing

Part # 5380
Description Small Child R.A.T.S. Add-On w/Mtg Hdw
Retail $435.00
Part # 5381
Description Large Child R.A.T.S.Add-On w/Mtg Hdw
Retail $435.00
Part # 5382
Description Small Adult R.A.T.S. Add-On w/Mtg Hdw
Retail $435.00
Part # 5383
Description Large Adult R.A.T.S. Add-On w/Mtg Hdw
Retail $435.00

Additional Options

Part # 9930-RATSA*
Description Ball & Socket 6" Mounting, Upgrade
Retail $125.00
Part # 9930-1-RATSA*
Description Ball & Socket 10" Mounting, Upgrade
Retail $125.00

* This upgrade option swaps the corresponding Standard Kit part for the upgrade part.

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Finished Covered Diameter 1 3/4"

RATS Drawing
RATS Drawing
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