Subasis Bars

The Subasis Bar has been formed to provide relief in the midsection while securing pelvic position. Includes three adjustable lock collars for positioning the bar laterally. Made of high strength aluminum alloy bar and padded with high quality neoprene foam tubing and covered with a neoprene backed spandex cover. The bar is deburred for a smooth finish. See complete kits: Flat Seat Full Width, Flat Seat Drop In, Bolt On, or Modular Seat.

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Product Pricing

Part # 1760
Description 12" X-Small Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1700
Description 12" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1761
Description 13" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1701
Description 14" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1763
Description 15" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1702
Description 16" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1765
Description 17" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00
Part # 1703
Description 18" Subasis Bar
Retail $178.00

Additional Options

Part # X22510-01-21-U
Description Straight Subasis Bar, SUB
Retail $0.00
Part # X22510-02-21-U
Description Offset Mid-Relief Subasis Bar, MOD
Retail $117.00
Part # X22510-03-21-U
Description X-Deep Mid-Relief Subasis Bar, MOD
Retail $117.00
Part # X12510-01-01-U
Description Custom Length Subasis Interface Brkt Mod, Black
Retail $211.00

* This upgrade option swaps the corresponding Standard Kit part for the upgrade part.