T Bar
T Bar

"T" Bar

The Occipital T-Bar is fabricated from a hard aluminum bar with tubular foam padding and is covered with a removable neoprene backed Black Spandex slipcover. Metalcraft offers one size of the Occipital T-Bar.

Neoprene Backed Spandex

Product Pricing

Part # 1670
Description Occipital "T" Bar Pad
Retail $212.00
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Part # 1616-21
Description Occipital "T" Bar, Cover
Retail $125.00
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We do not offer complete kits for this head positioning pad; however, all the parts for a complete kit can be ordered separately using the listing below as a guide for a typical "kit" configuration.

Did you know that you could mount multiple head positioning devices on one mounting system using our hardware? See the additional information tab above to see how Add-On kits work.

Typical "Kit" Configuration

Qty Part # Description
1 1670 T Bar Add to Quote
1 1502-01 Swivel Tube w/Hinge Brkt 6", Black Add to Quote
1 1533-01 8 3/4" 90° Vertical Tube Slide, Black Add to Quote
1 1534-01 Single Tube Mounting Plate, Black Add to Quote
2 3553 2-Point Knobs Add to Quote
2 3526 1/4-20 X 1/2" Socket Head Socket Drive, Cap Screws Add to Quote

The rest of the mounting fasteners depend on what you are mounting to, either #10-32 screws or 1/4"-20 Screws.

Angle Bar Drawing
Angle Bar Drawing
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