Metal Seat Belt
Plastic Seat Belt

Seat Belts

The seat belt is used where individuals do not need the extra pelvic control of a Subasis Bar. Two models are available, the 2" wide belt with a push button release metal buckle, and a 1" wide belt with a squeeze release plastic buckle.

1" Belt w/Plastic Buckle: Total Length = 50" Max, Female Non-Adjustable Side = 20", Male Adjustable Side = 32" Max

2" Belt, Push Button, w/Metal Buckle: Total Length = 44" Max, Female Non-Adjustable Side= 17", Male Adjustable Side = 28" Max

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Product Pricing

Part # 5200
Description 1" Seat Belt, w/Plastic Buckle
Retail $52.00
Part # 5201
Description 2" Seat Belt, Push Button, Metal Buckle
Retail $62.00