AS5000 Contoured Modular Seat

Shape & Density Contoured Seat Cushion

(Cushion thickness at rear 2 3/8", at front 3 3/8")

The AS5000 seat is a light-weight durable seat constructed of high-strength aluminum panels, foam and stainless steel brackets. The seat has an array of fasteners on both sides placed on one inch centers for seat mounting brackets and positioning hardware. The cushion is fabricated from both visco-elastic and closed cell foams. The top foam layer is a soft layer of visco-elastic foam to better contour to the individual’s shape. Under the top layer of foam, the seat is divided into posterior and anterior sections. The posterior section is a layer of medium visco-elastic foam to provide better weight distribution and prevent bottoming out. The anterior section is a dense closed cell foam shaped to encourage more neutral thigh positioning by providing both abduction and adduction control. This section also provides a built-in anti-thrust ledge. The cushion is available in a variety of colors with either a vinyl or neoprene backed fabric cover. Seat cushion comes with mounting hardware.

Neoprene Backed Spandex & Vinyl Fabrics
Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Maroon, Pink
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Product Pricing

Part # 5100-12
Description 12" AS5000 Seat
Retail $750.00
Part # 5100-14
Description 14" AS5000 Seat
Retail $750.00
Part # 5100-16
Description 16" AS5000 Seat
Retail $827.00
Part # 5100-18
Description 18" AS5000 Seat
Retail $827.00
Part # 2291-XX
Description 12" AS5000 Seat Cover
Retail $247.00
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Part # 2491-XX
Description 14" AS5000 Seat Cover
Retail $247.00
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Part # 2691-XX
Description 16" AS5000 Seat Cover
Retail $294.00
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Part # 2891-XX
Description 18" AS5000 Seat Cover
Retail $294.00
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Dimension Chart

All AS5000 cushions are 2 3/8" thick at the rear of the seat and 3 3/8" thick in the front of the seat. (front is measured in the center of the leg tough area).

Wheelchair Width Front Width Rear Width Anti-Thrust Length
12" 12" 10 1/4" 6"
14" 14" 12 1/4" 6"
16" 16" 14 1/4" 8 1/2"
18" 18" 16 1/4" 8 1/2"

Leg Discrepancy

Available Offsets (Clients' Left or Right).

1" off Left 1" off Right
2" off Left 2" off Right
3" off Left 3" off Right

Non-Standard Length Anti-Thrust

You tell us what the custom length is when you place you order.

Current Sizes (measured anterior to posterior)

12" AS5000 has a 6" anti-thrust

14" AS5000 has a 71/2" anti-thrust

16" AS5000 has a 8 1/2" anti-thrust

18" AS5000 has a 8 1/2" anti-thrust

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