PF6100 Custom Plywood & Foam Seat

When off the shelf seating isn't enough for your client.

Metalcraft fabricates all of our plywood & foam seats and backs one at a time. You give us the dimensions, custom modification choices, and the upholstery choices and we do the rest. Seat cushion comes with mounting hardware.

Plywood: We use a high-grade of solid hardwood 9-ply plywood that is 1/2” thick, cut it to your specifications, and install an abundance of 1/4-20 T-Nuts for mounting hardware and additional positioning devices.

Foam: For your custom seating project, we have choices of foam types with various firmness. See the drawings tab below and order form for foam information.

Upholstery: The seats and backs are covered in a variety of upholsteries. The contact surface is fabricated from the fabric and color you choose, the sides and bottom are always fabricated from vinyl that matches the color you request. See our upholstery chart below for a complete listing.

Neoprene Backed Spandex & Vinyl Fabrics
Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Maroon, Pink
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Product Pricing

Part # 6100
Description Custom Plywood & Foam Seat
Retail $418.00

Foam Specifications

Polyethylene Foam
Name Foam Type Density I.F.D.
Soft Poly Open Cell 2.55 33
Medium Poly Open Cell 2.60 47
Firm Poly Open Cell 3.00 65
Visco-Elastic Urethane Foam
Name Foam Type Density I.F.D.
Soft VEU Urethane Cell 5.8 15
Medium VEU Urethane Cell 5.7 26
Firm VEU Urethane Cell 6.0 34

Seat with Notches Modification

Part # 6101


The notches at the rear of the seat allow the plywood to fit between the push canes.

Contoured Seat Modification

Part # 6107


This modification provides a trough to improve the positioning of the thighs and a anti-thrust.

I-Seat Modification

Part # 6102


This modification permits a lower seat to floor height in a drop seat by allowing the plywood to be mounted below the wheelchair's cross frame.

Anti-Thrust Seat Modification

Part # 6106


This modification provides support under the femur to increase hip flexion for individuals with high tone.

Leg Discrepancy Modification

Left Part # 6103 & Right Part # 6104

drawing drawing

This modification provides full thigh support when the leg lengths are not the same.

Seat with Wedge

Part # 6105


This modification provides increased support at the distal end of the thighs.

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